Falmouth Guitar Lessons

This site is for you to find guitar lessons in Falmouth quickly and easily.

Anyone can learn to play an instrument, you may want to play for pleasure only. Approach the guitar with curiosity and listen closely to your teacher, you cannot go wrong if you master each step at a time.

Everyone has their own dream, some want to play in a band and perform in front of large audiences, others simply enjoy learning and may go on to work as teachers themselves.

As a musician, you come to realise that we are all in the same boat, we all get inspiration from genuine experiences. You can be blown away by the power of a large stadium gig or simply moved by the sounds of someone new who has only been playing for a week.

I can personally recall musical performances from all over the world, they all have their own place and do not compete in my mind to be better than each other, just different.

Here at Falmouth Guitar Lessons, we aim to provide two separate approaches. A solid grounding in reading music and also the creative aims of new students to keep their ear developing and their dreams in sight.

Call us soon to make the most of your impulsive decision to search for lessons.

This website is available for rent please email chris @audana.com for details.