Guitar Lessons Cornwall

Teaching guitar lessons in Cornwall again is a pleasure for us.

Having spent many years teaching at various campuses outside of Cornwall, it’s a great feeling to be able to offer guitar lessons in Cornwall again.

We both grew up teaching in Cornwall many years ago, teaching at many local schools and at Truro College. Through that experience alone we’ve taught literally hundreds of people over the years, many of whom have become friends.

As well as this we’ve played in numerous bands in Cornwall and know a great deal of the “players” in various scenes, it’s ace to be back in Falmouth and soaking up the scene.

We’re always looking to sit in and rehearse for new local gigs… in the words of Rod Stuart “find a rock ‘n’ roll band that needs a helping hand”

Guitar Teacher Falmouth

One of the things we enjoy about teaching guitar in Falmouth is that it’s such a warm community. We’re always making new friends and getting to hear about the local music scene, where some of my students are often out and about gigging.

Falmouth certainly has a talented and diverse musical community and we’re always keen to check out new guitar players and artists, and old hats of course.

If you come across some yourself why not drop us a comment about who to go and check out, maybe you’re looking for a band yourself!

We certainly enjoy guitar teacher in Falmouth!

Spotify Playlist: Mellow Jazz

Do you use Spotify?

It’s a fantastic tool that we use all day long and every single day in one way or another. Spotify is essentially a streaming music service that offers you the possibility of finding pretty much any track you can think of.

As well as being able to search for different tracks, your favourite guitarists and bands you can also set up playlists which can be shared with your friends, or kept to yourself for easy recall. You may for instance set up a blues playlist, or a rock guitar playlist.

Here is one of our more jazzy type of playlists, it contains some of my favourite mellow tracks that contains some amazing playing, not just by guitarists but by many musicians. In fact it’s not that guitar centric, but what the guitarists in this playlist do well is become part of the entire fabric of the band.

If you don’t have Spotify it’s worth grabbing and installing – you’ll need a facebook account these day to log-in – but who doesn’t have that?

Click here for: Chris’s Mellow Jazz Playlist

Learn to Play Guitar in Falmouth

Falmouth is such an inspiring place to live in so many ways it really never fails to motivate us all musically. There is music taking place every night of the week in some form another. When we decided to help people to learn to play guitar in Falmouth we felt the best way possible to do this was to tailor each and every lesson to the specific student.

We’ve taught so many styles of guitar playing over the years but the one thing that continually stands out for us is that it is very important you give each style your very own unique twist. So whilst I help people to perhaps read music and play classical guitar, or read music and play a jazz chart the key element is ensuring you always add your own twist.

It would be tempting to push all students into the same box and same method of learning but, in our professional careers as educators, we have seen time and time again how we all learn very differently from one another. Some students may prefer to close their eyes and listen, some may prefer to learn to read music, some may prefer to watch and emulate and some may enjoy a combination.

The other interesting thing is that we all have very different reasons for learning to play guitar. These can include intrinsic reason and also extrinsic reasons. In addition to these internal and external motivational factors we can split these further by seeing some people may learn to obtain a qualification, some may learn to please their parents some may learn for the love of the guitar some may learn to challenge themselves. There are indeed many many reasons why someone may wish to learn to play guitar in Falmouth and it is our pleasure to enable this to happen for whatever reason.

Guitar Lessons Falmouth

If you are reading this you’ve probably worked we teach Guitar Lessons in Falmouth, also, just changed the strings on Kyle’s nylon guitar to our preferred choice of string “classical guitar strings savarez”. These are delightful strings that really suit our hand built Spanish guitar.

It’s always tricky getting the best strings for your guitar it often takes experience and patience, trial and error basically. However, once you find those strings that sit well with your playing style and tonality you’ll be hooked!

So there we go, give us a call if you’d like guitar lessons in Falmouth.