Spotify Playlist: Mellow Jazz

Do you use Spotify?

It’s a fantastic tool that we use all day long and every single day in one way or another. Spotify is essentially a streaming music service that offers you the possibility of finding pretty much any track you can think of.

As well as being able to search for different tracks, your favourite guitarists and bands you can also set up playlists which can be shared with your friends, or kept to yourself for easy recall. You may for instance set up a blues playlist, or a rock guitar playlist.

Here is one of our more jazzy type of playlists, it contains some of my favourite mellow tracks that contains some amazing playing, not just by guitarists but by many musicians. In fact it’s not that guitar centric, but what the guitarists in this playlist do well is become part of the entire fabric of the band.

If you don’t have Spotify it’s worth grabbing and installing – you’ll need a facebook account these day to log-in – but who doesn’t have that?

Click here for: Chris’s Mellow Jazz Playlist